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Utah Association of Counties Concludes 2015 Convention - November 16, 2015


The Utah Association of Counties which concluded their 2015 convention on November 13th  at  the Dixie Center, had Elizabeth Smart as their keynote speaker. Elizabeth was abducted on June 5, 2002 and ended up being the most followed child abduction case of our time. Her captors managed to control her by threatening to kill her […]

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Utah Substance Abuse Conference Held at Dixie Center - September 22, 2015


Sadly, substance abuse continues to affect individual life’s, as well as, the life’s of the families and friends that love them, encompassing all with whom it encroaches on. Substance abuse controls minds, weakens the body, plays havoc on the soul and spirit of a person, and often, ultimately ends in death. Inadvertently, it also contributes […]

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Utah Sherriffs Association Conference Held at Dixie Center -


If one were to preview the Dixie Center’s parking lot they would think we were under siege by the Sheriffs department, as the Utah Sheriffs Association holds their annual conference September 20-22, here at the Dixie Center.  Somehow it gives one a sense of security as our hallways fill with Sheriffs. Highlights of the convention […]

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Dixie Center Heats Back Up - September 18, 2015


After a long slumbering summer, the Dixie Center’s schedule, once again, is heating back up! Just for the month of September we have already hosted four major conferences along with some smaller events. This weekend the Crossroads Gun Show  will be held on both Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th . Schools are back in session and […]

Summer Months, Like a Lazy River, Meanders On - July 10, 2015


The summer months have slowed with events, but , behind-the-scenes,  the Dixie Center continues to rumble with activity, as our maintenance staff and custodial staff  play catch-up from the very busy first and second quarters. It is a great opportunity for our custodial staff to do a thorough cleaning of all our restrooms, back halls […]

Speeding Through 2015 - February 26, 2015


If the first months of 2015 are any indicator of how the year will transition, then it will be a robust year! Filled with conventions and several expos, the highlights of the year began with an Ultimate Outdoor Expo which previewed the weekend following New Year’s. The Utah Valley Fire School, designed to educate and […]

International Research Group on Wood Protection - May 12, 2014


It is always exciting when a new event chooses Southern Utah for their convention site. The Dixie Center will soon be privileged to host such a group, the International Research Group on Wood Protection. The IRG chose St. George as providing the following advantages for their convention: one of the most spectacular scenic vistas in […]

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Second Quarter a Busy Time - March 31, 2014


As the first quarter of 2014 comes to a close, the Dixie Center finds its calendar “springing forward” with a busy schedule of upcoming conventions and expo events, much like the new budding of springtime. The Home and Garden show www.springhomeandgarden.com  March 28th and 29th   ended our first quarter of the  year.  Nicely attended, it had a wide range […]

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This year’s Sheriff’s conference, held September 22-24, was “overflowing” with participants, who ultimately took up the entire Dixie Center without a room to spare.  While always a popular conference with good attendance, this year’s conference was exceptionally well attended, which may have been due in part to its two keynote speakers. Monday premiered Bob Delaney, former NBA referee […]

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Dixie Center Hosts the 2013 Utah Tourism Conference - May 17, 2013


For the very first time, the Dixie center was privileged to host the annual Utah Tourism Conference at its facility. The halls and rooms filled with tourism experts from around the State. For three full days the attendees shared, observed and learned about our area, as well as other areas within the state. Much of […]

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