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A New Way to Heal - August 11, 2016

On August 20thenergy from 9 am to 6 pm we will have the pleasure of hosting Hope Haven’s Energy Healing Conference. In celebration, we thought we’d write a post explaining what this inspiring event is.
Healing is the practice of healing those that are ill through alternative means of medicine by utilizing energy therapy or spiritual healing. Tammy Anderson, one of the key note speakers at the Energy Healing Conference and President of Hope Haven, explains that the purpose of this form of healing and ultimate goal is to “empower individuals, strengthen families and connect communities.” At this years event, the attendees will hear from several local and empowering healers, such as Kathy Truman (life coach, emotional release facilitator and spiritual counselor), Dr. Robert Gibson (leading expert on restorative neurology and nutritional neurophysiology), Jared Gough (owner and president of Total Balance Health Wellness & Training Center in St. George), Holly Wall LMT (owner of Nature’s Path Massage & Healing Arts), and so many other inspiring individuals. This conference will also host several key vendors in our community to help individuals begin their transformation into a more healthy, energetic lifestyle. For more information on how to attend this event or be a vendor, please visit: http://www.energyhealingconference.com/st-george.html

We look forward to seeing you all at the Energy Healing Conference!

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