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A New Way to Heal - August 11, 2016


On August 20th from 9 am to 6 pm we will have the pleasure of hosting Hope Haven’s Energy Healing Conference. In celebration, we thought we’d write a post explaining what this inspiring event is. Healing is the practice of healing those that are ill through alternative means of medicine by utilizing energy therapy or spiritual healing. Tammy […]

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Getting Fit! -


This last weekend on August 6th the Dixie Convention Center had the pleasure of hosting the Dixie Fitness Expo! At this event there was plenty of fun for everyone as fitness courses, music and family friendly competitions were being held among the latest and greatest local vendors in fitness, health and wellness. We loved seeing […]

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SAVED BY THE BELL! - August 10, 2016


Well ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of year once again as class room supplies go on sale and both parents and kids anxiously await tomorrows arrival… SCHOOL IS FINALLY HERE! We will miss seeing all the kids wandering about our center catching rare Pokemon and enjoying our exotic museum along with the sunny St. George rays, […]

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