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Utah Water Users Workshop - March 17, 2016

The Utah Water Users Association iUWUAs the largest active association in Utah which represents all water user entities including irrigators, municipal users, industry, federal, state, county and local agencies and private entities. The purpose of the Association is to protect water rights administered under state law, promote the conservation and efficient use of water, provide legislative support, sponsor workshops and seminars related to water issues, provide technical advice to members regarding all water matters and represent members on national water issues through the NWRA and other national associations.

On Mar.14-Mar.16 the Utah Water Users held their annual Workshop in our very own facility. While here, they held 50 different sessions that discussed several matters, such as the Utah water lookout, water rights, irrigation safety, water issues, the Las Vegas pipeline, landscaping and gardening, Bear, Sevier, Provo River and Weber Monitoring Programs, California and Colorado River drought, and much much more! Never would we have imagined that such a thing as water would be so heavily monitored and discussed. Thank goodness Utah Water Users Association is keeping a special eye on such a vital resource for our communitee! We enjoyed having you.

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