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Rural Water’s Annual Conference is back again! - March 5, 2016

rural waterNot many would assume that water is an issue in Utah, but it most certainly is!  For one week, Feb.29 to Mar.4, the Rural Water Association of Utah filled the halls and corridors of the Dixie Center, offering a smorgasbord of training, courses, and lectures on everything from water protection, management and finances, waste water management, right down to the water you drink.  They even had a contest to look for the best tasting water in the state, based on taste, smell,  and clarity!  Many of the classes offered were certified courses which were designed to train operators on all levels of water treatment and distribution, as well as courses that offered certification on lagoons and Levels I & II for Treatment and Collections, under the waste water segment of their program.

Not all was spent on business,training, and lectures; however, as the association planned an unforgettable evening of entertainment and fun, which was  incorporated into their awards banquet.  They were served a fabulous dinner, catered by the Dixie Center’s in house catering staff, Heritage Catering, while enjoying the wonderful entertainment.

Through the careful planning and abundant topics offered, each and every department, individual and team member who attended, was provided a catalyst to success, whether it be in the field, in the office, or in the personal world of their homes.

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