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Karen’s Holistic Health - March 6, 2016

Karen UrbaKarennek has studied and practiced health and nutrition for decades and is out to improve the world’s health through education. She and her husband Roger own Karen’s Holistic Health and Education.  They had wellness centers, licensed kitchens, and grocery stores in both Wisconsin and Utah but as the business has grown, education has become the most important part of their business. All centers and stores have closed, and the family now travels throughout the world teaching about the importance of good health.

This year our Dixie Center was honored with a visit from Karen as she shared with us and our community ways in which we can eliminate fear, fright and myths about chronic diseases and how to regain a vibrant life while overcoming such challenges. Karen did so by explaining disease and introducing ways in which an individual can improve their nervous system, which aids digestion, strengthens cell membranes, improves the circulatory system and creates a kick-but immune system – the core of our health. Not only was her material insightful, but also exciting as it brought new hope to individuals fighting disease.

We truly enjoyed Karen’s visit and the positive impact she left on the lives of many and look forward to her visiting again in the future!

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