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Summer Months, Like a Lazy River, Meanders On - July 10, 2015

The summer months have slowed with events, but , behind-the-scenes,  the Dixie Center continues to rumble with activity, as our maintenance staff and custodial staff  play catch-up from the very busy first and second quarters. It is a great opportunity for our custodial staff to do a thorough cleaning of all our restrooms, back halls and concourse areas. Rugs receive a professional steam cleaning while our floors get a spit shine that reflects like a mirror!  Halls are painted, and the expo hall gets buffed and shined. The office staff readies contracts for upcoming 2016 events, cleans out old files, and basically gets re- organized for the hectic months that still lie ahead in 2015.

While quiet, we are never void of events and still have weddings and smaller meetings schedule sporadically throughout the hotter summer months. It is a welcome “breather” before the craziness of the last quarter of the year pounces upon us.

If you have been contemplating a future event, now is a good time to come in and sit down with one of our staff to work out the particulars of your event, tour the facility, and get your date locked in before the 2016 calendar fills up. Our 2015 year remains full and active, 2016 is already filling rapidly with events, as is 2017, so there is no better time than NOW to start turning the wheels for any event or activity you may have in mind for the future.

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