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International Research Group on Wood Protection - May 12, 2014

It is always exciting when a new event chooses Southern Utah for their convention site. The Dixie Center will soon be privileged to host such a group, the International Research Group on Wood Protection. The IRG chose St. George as providing the following advantages for their convention: one of the most spectacular scenic vistas in the U.S., proximity to several of the most beautiful and interesting National Parks in the U.S., easy access via Las Vegas International Airport or Salt Lake Airport, as well as directly into St George. Opportunity for entertainment activities in Las Vegas prior to or after the IRG45 meeting, a very affordable location for attendees, opportunity for many different sports activities, including hiking, sightseeing, mountain biking, horse-riding, golf, climbing, or just gentle walking and soaking in the amazing vistas.

Initially the IRG was composed of 22 scientists from nine countries, Austria, Belgium, France, the German Federal Republic, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Today the IRG has more than 350 members from 56 countries around the world.

Meeting every seven years, they are like-minded scientists and technologists from all around the world, who focus on generating knowledge of the science of wood deterioration, and who entertain novel solutions for the provision of the sustainability of environmentally responsible products for the protection of wood-based materials.

At the time of the group’s inception, it was emphasized that wood-based products are important materials in many countries, and their loss, or deterioration, would have serious consequences to the economic structure of those countries and the world as a whole. Consequently, they focus on the protection against bio deterioration, but even more importantly, on the conservation of the world’s forest resources. Wood is one of man’s only naturally renewable resources. More extensive use of the technology of wood protection and improvements in that technology can play a highly significant role in conserving forest resources for future generations.

Each year 100 to 190 papers are presented and published, with all papers being available free to members and sponsors in electronic format through their searchable database. Since their inception in 1969 nearly 5,000 IRG papers have been published and all are available online or through the IRG Compendium. Non-members of the IRG are able to search the online database and purchase any paper for download through their website.

When we stop to ponder the many uses of wood in our society, we begin to understand and realize its vast importance to our daily life’s; from the framing structures of our homes and buildings and bridges, to our furniture, and the beautiful tones of music whose instruments rely on woods containing special characteristics and found only in isolated areas of the world. Woods can be found in most transportation forms, as connectors of electrical lines, in annual celebrations and traditions, and well, the list goes on and on. As a natural resource, its significance is even greater, as our forest preserve our lands from massive flood run offs, severe landslides, all the while nurturing the many inhabitants that survive within its branches, beneath its limbs, and on the ground. When one stops to ponder what our earth would be without our forest or trees, well the thought is unimaginable!

Therefore, one can respect and appreciate the primary function of the IRG, which is to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information, in an informal atmosphere, unencumbered by the refereeing of papers or other pre-conditions. We are proud and honored to have them come to our area, and appreciate the dedication to their cause.

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