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Dixie Center Hosts the 2013 Utah Tourism Conference - May 17, 2013

For the very first time, the Dixie center was privileged to host the annual Utah Tourism Conference at its facility. The halls and rooms filled with tourism experts from around the State. For three full days the attendees shared, observed and learned about our area, as well as other areas within the state. Much of the conference focused on what can be done to improve working together in a cohesive partnership, throughout the State, to showcase Utah, not only in our country, but to tourist throughout the world.  We learned of the many different facets that help to achieve this goal, which includes but is not limited to:  partnerships with other countries tourism trade, film advertising, the utilization of the vast world of social media, as well as, the simple extension of  individual hospitality to those visiting within our different areas throughout the state. With so much to offer, it is the goal of the association to spread that knowledge, so that others can experience the greatness of our (5) National Parks, the beauty of our multiple State Parks, and the joy of all the possibilities that our great outdoors has to offer, along with the talent found both on stage and off in our artistic communities!

Unless one has been involved in tourism, they seldom think about the tremendous impact it has.  It is BIG business, and not just in terms of the dollars that it helps flow into an area, but also in terms of its economic impact: providing jobs, expanding shopping and restaurants; giving us the ability to enrich our area with more favorable recreation, such as improved hiking, biking and walking trails, along with unlimited sporting activities, and so much more.  The opportunities it offers are limitless.

From the desk of Roxie Sherwin, St. George Director of Conventions and Tourism came the following overall comments about the convention:

“This morning, I am wrapping up the Utah Tourism Conference that we hosted for the last three days.  The gushing about The Dixie Center  (the facility they all thought was brand new, the ease of parking, the fabulous registration desk, the yummy “non-convention center” food, over-the-top banquet décor, attentive convention staff and professional event coordinators) didn’t stop for the entire length of the conference.  The entertainment that we were able to put together – Eric Dodge, The Piano Guys and Tuacahn really amped things up!”

Said Kim McClellan, Director of Deer Valley Resort:  “This convention facility is just fabulous.  WOW – the food is great and the décor – I’ve never seen anything like it!  KUDOS!”

“My tourism colleagues were also so impressed with such great lodging and dining options.  Many of them brought their running shoes and bikes and could not stop talking about the city-wide trail system.  Many of them have been lobbying their city and county officials for the same.  They LOVED everything about them!”

Said Scott Beck, Ex Director of Salt Lake CVB:  “Hey, Roxie, I have been in a TON of airports, but I have got to tell you . . . SG Airport is BEAUTIFUL!!!  It shouldn’t even be considered an airport!!”

“Quite a few of the participants visited Snow Canyon State Park for the first time and were speechless!!  Some rode their bikes, some drove their cars.  But all of them were blown away!   Last night and today, there are several in Zion National Park and Springdale – I have no doubt the gushing continues.”

Said Sara Toliver, Director of Weber Co Tourism and host for 2014 Utah Tourism Conference:  “Everything was fantastic!  Thanks a lot.  And how do I begin to compete with St. George???”

Said Nan Anderson, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition:  “If we could just have the conference here every year, my life would be soooo much easier!  St. George has really raised the bar.”

“As I said, I just want to acknowledge and thank all of you that create, fund, provide, maintain and manage such great “tourism assets” for all of us – residents and visitors alike.  It was so awesome to host all of my colleagues from around the state and have them be blown away (aka envious/jealous/a little bit hateful) at all the assets that I/we get to market.”

Yes, it proved to be a most successful event, with those in attendance taking back so much more than what they could ever anticipate, and those of us who live and work here, feeling so blessed that we had so much we could lend to its total success…….Utah Toursim Coalition we would love to host your event again, at any time, and look forward to being attendees at your 2014 Conference in Provo.

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