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Quilting at Its Best - April 25, 2011


Being one who has little or no imagination, I had to marvel at the beautiful workmanship of the quilts that lined the Dixie Center exhibit hall at the most recent Dixie Quilt Guild Expo.  As I meandered row upon row of quilts, representing hours of tedious labor, I had to wonder how one could begin to […]

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League of Cities and Towns-Mid-Year Conference - April 21, 2011


Drawing a large audience and well attended, the ULCT-Mid-Year Conference held at the Dixie Center April 14 and 15, concentrated on “Local Government in the Digital Ages.”  Seminars and workshops were available to both city officials and the private sector in an effort to educate them on the role technology will play in the future of local […]

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WOW! What a Whirlwind!! - April 12, 2011


Have you ever watched how rapidly a whirlwind swoops in and causes chaos everywhere it lands and then suddenly disappears and everything goes back to normal, and still quiteness lays over the area?  Well that almost describes the scene here at the Dixie Center last week when a last minute request came in to host not […]

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