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Utah Council of Land Surveyors - February 14, 2011

Governed by a code of ethics and set standards of practice, the Utah Council of Land Surveyors was developed to protect and promote the Land Surveying profession through a professional mutual understanding amongst its members. As a membership body they work in cooperation with other organizations, public bodies, etc. in all matters of common interest pertaining to the surveying of land.  They act as a clearing house and information center on matters of mutual interest between their members and the general public. Another important role they play is to act as an advisory body, providing recomendations for the enactment of legislation on a state and national level, that works in the best interest and common ground with the public and professional land surveyor.

At their most recent conference at the Dixie Center,Feb. 9-11, 2011, members were presented with several guest speakers covering topics of: “Thinking Beyond Technology”;  “Communication Skills for Surveyors”; “What Changed in the 2009 Manual”; and “Filing Act”; “Charm School for Professional Surveyors”; “Construction Surveying Standards & UDOT 1721”; “Latest and Greatest on MCG for the Surveyor”; “The Surveyors Role in Mediation”; “Care of Equipment” and “Legal Descriptions and the Utah Surveyor.” In addition to updating its members on ongoing legislation, attending members are afforded the opportunity to interact amongst their own, view the latest and greatest in surveying equipment, and at the end of the day, enjoy an evening offering a  social  banquet dinner, auction, and live entertainment.

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